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An Inmarsat-C
AdvancedTrack is used by many fishing and shipping companies to monitor their vessels for compliance, safety and anti piracy.

GlobalStation Live web mapping
AdvancedTrack and GlobalStation constantly monitor many thousands of vessels around the globe.

ShipCom, ShipCom is the USA's only provider of HF SSB radiotelephone ship-to-shore service through its network of public coast stations. ShipCom uses GlobalStation to provide automated replies to test HF DSC calls and vessel tracking.

The "Solander IV"
Solander Fishing company has used AdvancedTrack web mapping and multiple user software mapping to monitor their fleet for several years.

MarineCom tests equipment for suitability to use on fishing vessels
MarineCom is an equipment type approval agent. We inspect, test and advise to fisheries on suitability of equipment and systems to be securely used for Fishing vessel monitoring. We have provided support to NZ Fisheries, Australian fisheries, Forum Fisheries Agency (www.ffa.int) and Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission
Welcome to MarineCom
MarineCom was founded to help Vessel owners lower their vessel communications costs and provide base stations to monitor and assist in vessel protection, safety and efficiency in communications.

We have 23 years experience in Marine Electronics and Communications.
We have provided to
  • Shipping companies (Safety, Security, Efficiency)
  • Commercial fishing companies (Tracking, Least cost Communications)
  • Enterprise Corporate (Oil companies, International Freight, Port operations, Coast Guards)
  • Governments (Port security, Homeland Security)
  • Military (Peacekeeping and patrol , Pirate Detection and tracking systems, Aircraft (fixed wing and Helicopter for Search and Rescue)
AdvancedTrack Vessel Tracking
AdvancedTrack is a solution for currently and historical tracking of vessels. Provided to Shipping, fishing companies and Governments to monitor vessels for compliance, and safety. AdvancedTrack is available as a web based tracking and software based tracking (include multi user) from single to many vessels. AdvancedTrack's primary tracking used Inmarsat-C.
Shown above are examples of AdvancedTrack Web mapping. Below an image from AdvancedTrack Software Mapping (Installed on a PC)
GlobalStation Vessel Monitoring | GMDSS Coast Station
GlobalStation offers a combination of modules to cover marine coast station requirements.

This includes

  • Voice and Data Communications over Wireless (VHF/HF/Satellite)
  • GMDSS Coast Station (HF/VHF Voice, DSC HF/VHF) also called GMDSS Shore Station.
  • EEZ and Port vessel tracking and monitoring


GlobalStation assists in

  • Anti Piracy, vessel safety and search and rescue
  • GMDSS (Digital Selective Calling (DSC) for VHF and HF , SOLAS
  • Historical and Real time (Live) Vessel status and position information
  • Live communications between vessels and shore including Interoperability of systems (i.e. conference calls and lining of radio, HF Voice linked to VHF Voice or Cellphone)

GlobalStation modules include

GlobalStation Live (Live Vessel Tracking Globally via AIS, Inmarsat, Iridium, ARGOS and many other networks)

GlobalStation GMDSS (DSC for VHF and HF) and supporting areas A1/A2/A3/A4

GlobalStation Voice-Data (Voice and Data communications over all forms of marine communications)

GlobalStation can be supplied as a single user, single PC installation right through to a multi user multi site system. It has the flexibility to use the internet or private IP network to expand and provide redundancy where necessary.

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